Who are Diago?

Diago design & engineer innovative products for musicians. We focus on making high quality, indispensable products that are low on gimmicks and high on functionality. They each do one job very well and are always wrapped up with some beautiful industrial design and branding.

We also pride ourself on our world-class customer service - many of our customers say it's the best they've ever experienced. Feel free to contact us immediately with questions, comments or ideas and we'll be happy to help.

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Latest News

Diago announce Pedal Risers

We've spent about a year (yes, a year!) working out the best way to solve the common problem of raising your back row of pedals. It's been the subject of many emails we've received and we're pleased to finally be able to offer a proper solution. Read more...

Diago announce 'Patchfactory' Solderless Patch Cable System

We're pleased to the Diago Patchfactory - by far the most reliable solderless patch cable system on the market. It ensures super-reliable connections every time and is easy to assemble, so anybody can build a flawless patch cable. Read more...

Diago announce 'Commuter' softcase Pedalboard

The Commuter is a lightweight and ultra-portable alternative to our hardcase pedalboards for guitarists travelling on foot and public transport, or for times when a hardcase pedalboard isn't the best solution. Read more...

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