• The Diago 18V Adaptor allows you to power 18V pedals from your Diago Powerstation or Micropower9.

    Our 18V Adaptor doubles the 9V DC input to 18V DC on the output. Some power supply designs offer 18V by connecting two 9V outputs together using a special cable, but for this you need a power supply with isolated outputs. Since isolation is only needed occasionally (and when you do, you can use one of our Isolators), this is money wasted for most people. Furthermore, it uses two of your limited number of outputs.

    Instead, we've made this specially designed 18V adaptor, that uses just one output, and will reliably power any 18V pedal with a current draw of up to 30mA.

  • Compatibility

    The Diago 18V Adaptor will work with any 18V DC guitar effects pedal that draws 30mA of current or less. It follows the Boss plug convention of 2.1mm centre-negative barrel plugs, the same as our Powerstation, Micropower9 & Deluxe Daisy Chain.

    If you need a different plug type, you can use one of our coloured plug adaptors between the Isolator and your pedal.

    Check our fairly comprehensive compatibility list to see whether any of your pedals require 18V, and whether their current requirements are below the 30mA limit of the 18V Adaptor. If you're unsure, do not hestitate to contact us.

  • Tech Spec

    Model Diago PS08 18V Adaptor
    Input 9V DC Centre Negative
    Output 18V DC Centre Negative, 30mA Max
  • Examples

    Here's a few common examples of 18V pedals that work with the Diago 18V Adaptor:

    • MXR Stereo Chorus
    • MXR EVH Flanger
    • Dunlop SW95 Slash Wah
    • Dunlop UV1 Uni-Vibe
    • Ibanez AD80 Analogue Delay (also requires a Diago PS04 Blue Adaptor)

    Other popular 18V pedals include some by Diamond, Fulltone and many boutique fuzzes and overdrives.

    Look up your pedals in our compatibility list to see what you need to power them with your Diago power supply. Is your weird & wonderful pedal not listed? Contact us - we'll be happy to advise.