Diago Deluxe Daisy Chain & Black Adaptor

  • Deluxe Daisy Chain - PS02

    Power an additional 6 pedals with your Powerstation or Micropower9.

    A daisy chain allows multiple effects pedals to be powered from the same 9V power supply. Each Diago Powerstation comes with one Deluxe Daisy Chain to power 6 effects pedals, but with a capacity of 3000mA it will power many more than that - we reckon up to about 30.

    Use as many Deluxe Daisy Chains as you need to power your whole pedalboard. You can also use a Deluxe Daisy Chain with the 1000mA Micropower9 to power a smaller pedalboard.

    Unlike most daisy chains, the Diago Deluxe Daisy Chain is rated up to the full 3000mA of the Powerstation - most cheaper designs would melt at that sort of current.

    The Deluxe Daisy Chain has 30cm/12" of cable between each plug. If you need more than that, use a Black Adaptor (see below) as an extension. It also has extra-long (12mm) plugs to easily reach inside recessed power sockets.

    Black Extension Adaptor - PS07

    A 30cm/12" extension to reach around larger pedals.

    If you've got a particularly bulky pedal you might need a Black Adaptor to reach around and power it up. This is common with Wahs and the newer 9V Digitech Whammy pedals.

    The Black Adaptor has a straight plug (instead of an angled plug like the Deluxe Daisy Chain) so you can link two or more together in a line without having an annoying kink in the cable.

  • Compatibility

    The Diago Deluxe Daisy Chain and Black Adaptor will work with any guitar effects pedal that follows the Boss plug convention of 2.1mm centre-negative barrel plugs. If you need a different plug type, you can use one of our coloured plug adaptors between the Deluxe Daisy Chain and your pedal.

    Check our fairly comprehensive compatibility list to see whether any of your pedals need an Adaptor to be powered from a Powerstation or Micropower9. If you're unsure, do not hestitate to contact us.

  • Tech Spec

    Model Diago PS02 Deluxe Daisy Chain Diago PS07 Black Adaptor
    Input (Socket) 2.1mm Centre-Negative Barrel Plug 2.1mm Centre-Negative Barrel Plug
    Output (Plug) 6 x 2.1mm Angled Centre-Negative Barrel Plug 2.1mm Centre-Negative Barrel Plug
    Plug Length 12mm 10mm
    Cable Specification 3A max 3A max
    What It Does
    • 6 x right angled 2.1mm barrel plugs (Boss type)
    • 30cm / 12" of cable between each plug
    • Each chain that you add lets you power 5 more pedals
    • Connect multiple daisy chain cables together to power as many pedals as you need
    • Use it to extend your daisy chain, to get around large pedals or where pedals are far apart
    • Extension cable with 2.1mm barrel plug and socket
    • 30cm / 12" long
    • Buy as many as you need
    • Just plugs on to your existing daisy chain cable
    • Other adaptors can be joined on the end where necessary