Diago Isolator Adaptor

  • The Diago Isolator prevents noise generated by a digital pedal from making its way into your signal.

    You might come across a pedal that sounds perfect when powered on its own power supply, or with a battery, but is extremely noisy when powered alongside other pedals. This is a fairly common problem amongst modern digital pedals and sounds terrible, so we designed the Diago Isolator to solve this.

    The geeky bit:

    Many digital pedals have separate power and signal grounds in order to prevent noise from the digital micro-controller entering your signal path. In most analogue pedals, however, the power and signal grounds are shared. When a digital pedal and an analogue pedal are fed from the same power supply, noise generated by the digital pedal is transferred to the signal through the common ground in the analogue pedal.

    This isn't a particularly complex problem and is easily fixable by the manufacturers of digital pedals. In fact we don't really know why they haven't tackled it more urgently. Until they do though, a Diago Isolator will keep your signal clear from the noise of those pesky digital boxes.

  • Compatibility

    The Diago Isolator will work with any 9V DC guitar effects pedal that draws 110mA of current or less. The Isolator follows the Boss plug convention of 2.1mm centre-negative barrel plugs, the same as our Powerstation, Micropower9 & Deluxe Daisy Chain.

    If you need a different plug type, you can use one of our coloured plug adaptors between the Isolator and your pedal.

    Check our fairly comprehensive compatibility list to see whether any of your pedals require isolation, and whether their current requirements are below the 100mA limit of the Isolator. If you're unsure, do not hestitate to contact us.

  • Tech Spec

    Model Diago PS09 Isolator
    Input 9V DC Centre Negative
    Output 9V DC Centre Negative, 110mA Max
    Isolation >lkV
  • Examples

    The following pedals are known to be noisy under certain circumstances:
    • Line 6 Tonecore Series
    • Strymon Pedals Compact Pedals (exl. TimeLine) Listed as 250mA, but they reportedly work with the Isolator, so they must actually draw less than 110mA!