Diago Positive Ground Adaptor

  • The Diago Positive Ground Adaptor allows positive-ground pedals to be powered alongside regular negative-ground pedals via the same power supply.

    Positive Ground pedals (a common example being germanium boosts) use PNP transistors. These transistors tie your signal ground to the positive rail of the pedal's power supply. Most modern pedals use NPN transistors, tying your signal ground to the negative rail of the power supply. If you were to power these different types of pedals together you would short circuit your power supply. The Diago Powerstation and Micropower9 offer short-circuit protection, so this would cause the power supplies to simply shut off. On other power supplies this would likely cause irreversible damage.

  • Compatibility

    The Diago Positive Ground Adaptor will work with any 9V DC guitar effects pedal that draws 30mA of current or less. It follows the Boss plug convention of 2.1mm centre-negative barrel plugs, the same as our Powerstation, Micropower9 & Deluxe Daisy Chain.

    If you need a different plug type, you can use one of our coloured plug adaptors between the Isolator and your pedal.

    Check our fairly comprehensive compatibility list to see whether any of your pedals require 18V, and whether their current requirements are below the 30mA limit of the 18V Adaptor. If you're unsure, do not hestitate to contact us.

  • Tech Spec

    Model Diago PS11 Positive Ground Adaptor
    Input 9V DC Centre Negative
    Output 9V DC Centre Negative 30mA Max
  • Examples


    Look up your pedals in our compatibility list to see what you need to power them with your Diago power supply. Is your weird & wonderful pedal not listed? Contact us - we'll be happy to advise.