• 1000mA @ 9V DC
  • 8 x 9V DC regulated outputs – 6 x 100mA & 2 x 200mA.
  • Linear (transformer) technology

Advantages over the Diago Powerstation:

  • 12V DC outputs and 16V DC (although there is only a very small amount of pedals that require 16V DC on the market)

Disadvantages with respect to the Diago Powerstation:

  • Expensive, usually around £150/$200/€180
  • Supports 12V & 16V DC pedals… but there are no 16V DC pedals. Customers are paying for a feature that serves no benefit and remains useless. Most 12V DC pedals run just fine at 9V with a good quality regulated supply
  • Only 8 outputs – 6 limited to 100mA each, 2 limited to 200mA each. Total 1,000mA. Many newer digital pedals require more than 200mA
  • If you use 12V AC or/and 16V AC pedals (for example the Seymour Duncan Mayhem, Twin Tube) you will not be able to power them with the Supa-Charger as it supports 12V & 16V DC only
  • It’s big and heavy (nearly 1kg) and takes up quite a bit of space on your pedal board