• 7 x 9V DC outputs on a common ground ( not  isolated)
  • 3 x 18V DC outputs on a common ground ( not  isolated)
  • 375mA total current available on 9V outputs
  • 625mA total current available on 18V outputs
  • Plug-top/wall wart and pedal board distributor style design

Advantages over the Diago Powerstation:

  • 18V built in; doesn't require an extra device to make 18V
  • High current avaliable on the 18V outputs

Disadvantages with respect to the Diago Powerstation:

  • Still requires a wall wart style power supply, never shown on photographs!
  • Doesn't have a great deal of current available for standard 9V DC pedals. Easily overloaded
  • Known to cause 'thudding' noises when near it's current limit
  • If not used on the pedal board, the thin output lead becomes prone to damage on the floor
  • Known to have 'whining' clock frequency clashing problems with some delay pedals
  • Will technically work in any country, but requires the correct plug adaptor


AC/DC Powerbank