• 8 x 9V DC isolated outputs - 6 x 100mA & 2 x 200mA

Advantages over the Diago Powerstation:

  • Isolated outputs means that positive ground pedals, (such as Germanium transistor based boost and fuzz pedals), can be used along side normal negative ground pedals
  • Isolated ground means that pedals with poor power filtering (such as the Line 6 ToneCore series pedals) can be used along side normal, well behaved pedals

Disadvantages with respect to the Diago Powerstation:

  • At £160/$240/€240, it's very, very expensive for what amounts to a power supply
  • Only 8 outputs - 6 limited to 100mA each, 2 limited to 200mA each; total is 1,000mA. Many newer digital pedals require more than 200mA
  • Can only be used in the country it is made for. Mains Voltage and frequency need to be correct
  • It's big and heavy, and takes up quite a bit of space on your pedal board