Here at Diago, we're a cynical bunch. The music industry is awash with waffle, crammed with confusion and brimming with bulls**t, so in this blog we'll try to set a few records straight and help you to understand the technicalities of the gear you use, allowing you to make more informed decisions, and better purchases!

If a Diago product isn't the best solution for you, we'll tell you, so please feel free to Contact Us and we'll try to point you in the right direction.

Where is our stuff made?

Written by James.

We've recently had a couple of emails regarding our products' country of manufacture:

Alex from Russia writes:

Hi! I have received my Powerstation but I'm not sure about its quality, because it is made in China! It is a quality product?
Sensing a worry or pre-formed notion of goods made in China, I thought I'd post a summary of our thoughts on the matter:

No Power?!

Written by James.

Steve sent us this email:

"Hi. I had a problem with my Powerstation the other day which I haven't had before. Once plugged in the power light was flashing slowly. Any ideas? I am in no way technical so I really don't want to attempt anything with the unit."

It's not a common issue, but when it does happen, it can be very perplexing. Here's our advice if you get a similar situation:

Pedal Powering 101

Written by James.

We're musicians, not electrical engineers, and yet we are bombarded by technical jargon, notation and symbols, to which most of us either half-understand (and often get the wrong end of the stick) or just nod and agree and move along quietly.

Here we'll look at some of this terminology, and start from the ground up (no pun intended), so you know exactly what sort of juice you need to feed your stompboxes.

This is the Diago Pedal Powering 101.