Diago Pedal Power Adaptors

Diago's range of adaptors allow you to power a huge variety of weird and wonderful pedals.

Diago Green, Blue, Red, and White Adaptors

Powerstation Plug Adaptors

For pedals that do not follow the Boss convention of 2.1mm, centre-negative barrel plugs, we have designed a range of Adaptors that allow the Powerstation & Micropower9 to power virtually any pedal.

Diago 18V Adaptor

18V Adaptor

Double the output voltage of your Powerstation or Micropower9 to power an 18V pedal alongside all of your regular 9V pedals.

Diago Daisy Chain

Daisy Chains & Extension Cables

Power an additional 5 pedals by linking another Daisy Chain to your Powerstation, or use with a Micropower9 to power a smaller pedalboard.

Reach round larger pedals using a Black Extension Adaptor.