Diago Pedal Risers

  • Lift a single effects pedal, or your entire back row.

    We spent about a year (yes, a year!) working out the best way to solve the common problem of raising your back row of pedals. It's been the subject of many email conversations with customers and after a multitude of design revisions (some more elaborate than others) the simplest design came out on top.

    The Diago Pedal Riser is made from 2mm formed steel with a black powdercoat, wrapped in the very same pedal carpet that appears on our pedalboards. They're super grippy (we picked up a loaded Showman board with just one) and they effectively stop you from kicking the knobs on your front row of pedals.

  • Tech Spec

    Model Diago PB10 Pedal Riser
    Material 2mm (14 Gauge) Steel
    Width 70mm
    Depth 125mm
    Height 26mm
    What's in the box? 1 x Pedal Riser w/Velcro pre-attached