Hardcase Pedalboards

Designed with the touring musician in mind.

Built to be used and abused, these pedalboards are designed to withstand a lifetime of heavy use on the road.

Diago Hardcase Pedalboards combine a lightweight and roadworthy pedal board and hard case, making them ideal for transporting your gear between home, gigs and practices. It makes set-up and take-down quick and easy, and is great for storing your pedals at home, so that they can be neatly hidden away from your wife/mum/significant other.

NEW Commuter

Ultra-Portable Softcase Pedalboard

There are times when a hardcase pedalboard just isn't practical. You might be travelling on foot, or on the underground/metro, swinging by for a quick practice after work, or playing an acoustic set where you just need a few pedals. The Diago Commuter is an ultra-portable and lightweight alternative to our hardcase pedalboards.

Diago Pedal Riser

NEW Pedal Risers

Lift a single effects pedal, or your entire back row.

Raising your back row of pedals prevents you from kicking the pedals in front when you operate the pedal. A simple solution to a common problem.